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'Wonder Woman' is the most inspiring superhero movie in years


Wonder Woman made her big-screen debut last year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but from a plot perspective, she didn’t really need to. Her role isn’t much more than a glorified cameo whose main purpose seems to be to set up future films.

Tonally, though, her introduction was crucial. Wonder Woman felt like a glowing beacon of hope in a grim and gritty movie, and her uncomplicated heroism stood in stark relief to the more tormented variety exemplified by her future Justice League teammates.

This week’s big release proves that was no flukeWonder Woman the movie does for the DCEU what Wonder Woman the character did for Batman v Superman, offering a different perspective on the franchise that brings its vision into clearer focus. And in doing so, it becomes one of the most inspiring superhero movies since Captain America: The First AvengerRead more…

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