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Finally, you can learn Chinese on Duolingo


If you’ve always wanted to learn the most widely spoken language in the world, now’s your chance. 

Starting today, the free language-learning app Duolingo is offering a brand new course: Mandarin Chinese. 

If you don’t speak a word of Chinese, never fear: The course first teaches you the basics of names, numbers, and greetings, before moving into foods, occupations, hobbies, and conversational skills for every occasion. 

If you already know some Chinese, there’s a placement test that will allow you to skip over early parts of the course. Be warned, however, that Duolingo starts with both speaking and reading/writing right off the bat. If you’re like me, and can speak some tentative Mandarin but can’t read or write a word, you’ll want to start at the beginning.  Read more…

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